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Benvenuti nella valle dal ritmo frizzante


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Canevino was originally inhabited by the Ligurian. Its name itself derives from the ligurian word "Can" (broom) and "Ven" (valley), although another interpretation would bring it back to the Latin "canabinus" (short for "hemp", hut). Canevino is known since 940, when the relic of St. Columban crossed the village while it was moved from Bobbio to Pavia , since the whole area belonged then to the monastery of Bobbio. It probably passed under the dominion of Pavia in 1164, although it was not named in the relevant diploma (which perhaps lists only castles, offices of local seigniories). Within this domain, the Sannazzaro, lords of the valley Scuropasso, had the supremacy and during subsequent subdivisions of that family they obtained Cigognola, a place situated at the mouth of the valley, while Canevino lays on the top of it. Since then Canevino remained always a dependency of that distant feud: from the usurpation of Beccaria, to the grant to the Visconti Scaramuzza, who kept the feud until the eighteenth century, when it was inherited by the D'Adda, and finally by the Barbian Belgaum, just before the end of feudalism (1797). In 1936 the town was suppressed, and annexed to Ruino, that took the name of Pometo; in 1947 was reconstituted

Comune di Canevino

Altitude: m.511
Population: 119 (Men 62, Women 57)
Extension: 474 ha.
km.35 from Pavia
Patroom Pavian saint. Our Lady of the Assumption
Zip Code 27040
Calling Code: 0385
Istat code: 018 028
Belfiore Code: B599
Church of the Holy Assumption
Name Inhabitants: canevinesi
Etymology: The name probably derives from the Latin term cannabis or "hemp", because of the presence of fields of hempin the country. Others might refer to Latin can (n) aba, cellar, with the addition of the diminutive suffix.
Canevino is part of: National Association of Wine Cities
Fractions Canevino: Caseo
Adjacent Towns: Volpara, Rocca de 'Giorgi, Ruino, Nibbiano (PC)


It 's a small town lying in the upper Versa valley, perched on the top of a wooded hill that dominates the valley and is the separation line with the Scuropasso valley. In the upper part of the village the parish church of the 'Assumption pilgrimage, stands; quite remarkable is its Baroque altar.
The town Hall is located in the Caseo hamlet, as well as an ancient oratory, adjoining the villa Visconti. Canevino comes from the Latin "canabinus", diminutive of hemp (hut). In a quite scenic location the parish church dedicated to the Virgin Mary stands. The many vacationers and nature lovers, can find sports equipment, and have healthy walks along trails through forests of rare beauty and sandstone badlands White grapes employed for the production of wines like Muscat, Riesling and especially of the pinot which is the basic ingredient for the famous "Brut".